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Christopher NORMAN Descendant Tree

Christopher Norman probably born before 1530 in Devon, England

Until 2008, our Norman ancestors were stuck in the mid 1700's. But help from Howard, followed by Tony and Nicholas, removed a block, revealing a previous marriage to one of our John Norman's and a revised baptism leading to an IGI line which appears to go all the way, to the time of the earliest parish register records (1549 in Roborough) and Christopher Norman. Inspection of photographs of the original Roborough and St Giles in the Wood parish registers appears to confirm the credibility of this line although neighbouring parishes have not been fully scrutinised.

For 300 years, from the 1500's to the first half of the 19th century, our Normans appear to have largely kept themselves to a small area of North Devon - Roborough by Torrington, Roborough, St Giles in the Wood, Roborough, St Giles, St Giles, High Bickington and then Burrington, occasionally foraging out a modest distance further for a wife.

Did Christopher Norman re-marry on 7-Nov-1569 and his new wife, Elyzabeth Grant, then give birth to Christopher (c 25-Nov-1571), John (c 22-May-1574) and Alse (c 6-Feb 1579/80) or is this marriage that of his first son who would have been baptised before the Roborough parish register began in 1549? The original earliest Roborough burials records appear quite legible but I have not found the death of his wife between 1555 and 1569, in fact I could see no female Norman burials prior to 1569.

Norman Immigrants 1330-1550

It is possible that an ancestor from France is so among those recorded between 1330 and 1530 in the National Archives. Maybe they began living in Devon. Maybe elsewhere. Maybe they are among the 204 shown below.

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  • [1330-1550]

  • Richard and Matilda Norman in London

    With help from Tony & Loraine our Norman cousins have been very widely developed.

    Richard Norman moved to London from Devon and married Matilda Viner in 1853.

  • Google Map of the NORMAN family in North London 1853-1916

  • Rose Amelia Norman, born 9-Feb-1895 in Palmer’s Green, Middlesex, married Sidney J Belson 1916 in Edmonton

    Where and when did Chris’s great aunt Rose Amelia Belson (née Norman) die in Canada? She left for Canada because her daughter Gwendoline M Belson had emigrated and would have died some time between 1973 and 1980.

    Below ...

    Below are Chris's great great grandmother, Matilda Viner; his grandfather, Albert Norman; and two of Albert's brothers.

    [Matilda Viner]

    Matilda Norman, nee Viner (ca. 1833-1915) in ca 1910. (Picture courtesy of Tony Norman).

    [Albert Edward Norman]

    Albert Edward (William) Norman, born 9-Jul-1884, Upper Holloway, Middlesex, England.

    [Herbert John Norman]

    Herbert John Norman, born 1886, Hornsey, Middlesex, England. (Picture courtesy of Alison Norman)

    [Ernest George Norman]

    Ernest George Norman, born 24-Nov-1901, Southgate, Middlesex, England. (Picture courtesy of Alison Norman)